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Our Programs


At Hayworth we believe one of the best ways to disciple the next generation is through education. We do this by effectively incorporating these four principles into everything we do. 






Elementary School

Our elementary school programs start with a Pre-K program and continues through 5th grade. We strongly believe that the first introductions to education are lasting foundations for the success of our students. 


Middle School

Transitions are important, not only educationally but spiritually, emotionally, and physically as well. Our kingdom minded wholistic approach to learning really prepares our Middle School students as they prepare for High School and new seasons of life. 


High School

Our high school prepares students in areas far beyond the classroom curriculum. We help teach students to research, listen, collaborate, lead, be creative and innovative, and put forth consistent and prolonged time, effort, and hard work into activities, classes, and subjects that matter. We prepare them for college, careers, and how to be a successful adult in the changing climate of today's world. 

Our Academics


Our elementary Bible program helps to bridge the gap between head knowledge and heart knowledge by guiding students as they study, interpret, and apply a biblical worldview. Elementary Bible builds on 147 foundational Bible truths that present the Bible as a complex yet coherent story that is relevant to all people for all time. As students move into middle and high school we guide them through a systematic study of the Bible and its significant themes. As they conduct an inductive Bible study exploring the Creation, Fall, Redemption story of the Bible, delve into major Bible doctrine, and develop a biblical worldview, students will learn to value and use hermeneutical principles based on exegesis.

English Language Arts

Few skills are more essential today than effective communication. Our curriculum helps your child sharpen the tools of language use--writing and grammar skills. Your child's analytical abilities will grow as they expand their vocabulary and learn to use words in context. They will learn how to read literature in the light of biblical truth and how to deal biblically with objectionable elements. Our curriculum also teaches an appreciation for literary techniques in modern writing as well as Scripture and presents a variety of genres from a range of cultures, and develops critical thinking skills.


At Hayworth we understand  that not all students learn the same way. That’s why our math provides multiple paths to learning comprehension. Exercises and reviews frame concepts in different ways in order to engage different learning styles. In the elementary grades, the use of manipulatives is encouraged to appeal to the visual and kinesthetic learner. On the middle and high school level, math is practiced through spreadsheets, programming projects, and other exercises to help all students develop reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Our science encourages hands-on-learning with exciting labs and activities. Stories of great scientists and their discoveries help students see the practical ways science can be applied. Students are encouraged to think about modern scientific issues, such as cancer, pollution, and energy, and to practice creation problem-solving skills. Middle and high school science finesses students’ critical-thinking and research skills in preparation for college-level courses. Much of modern scientific thought is influenced by an anti-God bias. We teach students to carefully analyze the theories they will encounter and to reject error in favor of pure truth and scientific fact.


Art education develops your child's capacity for imaginative response to their surroundings. Our art curriculum is built around the seven elements of art. In addition to learning these art foundations, students will gain vocabulary as well as technical knowledge of different tools and mediums that will build on each other from year to year. At Hayworth we emphasize the fact that your child is already an artist made by a perfect creator!  They make the decisions and your child  will gain confidence in their own abilities and choices that will inspire them to keep making and keep thinking creatively about anything life will throw at them!

Physical Education

At Hayworth students are taught appreciation, proper care, and development of their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit through organized, vigorous physical activity. Physical education classes focus on moving and exercise. In addition to learning proper form for sports-related movement, students play various games to learn and practice good sportsmanship. Students also learn basic skills for several team and individual sports. Physical Education instruction is designed to develop motor skills and knowledge and to provide students with confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.

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